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CoutURe: Fashion Focus Chicago 2009 Highlights

“Fashion Focus 2009 builds on the successes of the past five years and moves us closer to our goal of helping this industry reach its maximum potential in our city,” said Mayor Daley at press conference at Macy’s. 

One of the shopping events, Style Shop, was at 72 E. Randolph. Chicago Designers took turns hosting trunk shows to display their collections. 

Lesley Timpe was first up, owner and designer of Squasht, represented nation-wide in a variety of boutiques. The collection of clothing and accessories are made with vintage fabrics the designer sources and draws her inspiration from. 

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Mixtape Roundup

Here at UR we’ve been stunned by the amount of amazing mixtapes that have been dropping left and right. It’s been so hard to keep up that we thought it would be a better idea to give you 10 of the latest mixtapes hitting the blogisphere to propel you into 2010. There’s dance party starters, classic soul from 45s and what would a mixtape list be without some Wale and Gucci Mane?

Could all these free releases be the positive results of the Serato influx of DJs? Sharing music is easier than ever before and everyone's getting in on the action—indie rockers, personal bloggers, rappers...everyone's a DJ!  —Wilson & Katherine

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Bristol Renaissance Faire

by Madeleine Hannes

I attended my first Bristol Renaissance Faire in the summer of 2004, when I was 16 years old, on the suggestion of my markedly eccentric hairdresser. I've gone nearly every summer since, occasionally pulling unsuspecting friends along with me, but usually with the same core group of fellow girl-nerds. Fantasy geeks all, arriving at the affectionately dubbed "Ren Faire" feels more like coming home than stepping into a historical village for a few hours on a steamy Saturday afternoon. Because while there's certainly a contingency of attendees dressed in the usual tank tops and shorts, the vast majority of individuals populating this village on the Wisconsin-Illinois border look, and in some cases, act the part. The Ren Faire remains fun even if you choose not to dress up in costume — but you're guaranteed to have a better time if you do.

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