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R.I.P.: Some examples of covers from the days of print, April 2007 - September 2008

In late 2008, after struggling through a bad recession and a decline in print advertising, UR Chicago turned their free print publication into an online-only property rather than decrease the quality and quantity of the physical magazine. UR Chicago has continued on as a vibrant and independently-owned and operated online property with up to 10,000 unique visitors per month and an e-list of over 25,000 active, double opt-in subscribers. In addition to the site, UR has branched out into social media and has been involved in event/brand booking, marketing, and promotion. Past clients include: The Art Institute of Chicago (AFTER DARK Series), Diesel, Adidas, Puma, Bushmills, Tito's Handcrafted Vodka, Vitamin Water, Goose Island, FUZE, Rockstar Games, Dub Frequency, Caesar's Entertainment, and more!

UR Chicago ONLINE makes no money off of advertising, promoting, or e-list marketing at this time. We only write, cover, and promote what we are passionate about, PERIOD.

The UR Chicago ONLINE Staff

UR Chicago
ONLINE is a family of writers, musicians, and artists of all different types of media! These are the people that make this website possible:

Publisher & Web Guru
Chess Hubbard

Copy Editor
Andrew Molloy

Music Editor
Neil Miller Jr.

Film Editor
John Esther

Staff Writers
Pawl Schwartz | Video Games & Books 
Justin Tucker | Films 
Andrew DeCanniere | Interviews & Special Interest Features

Contributing Writers
 | Present & Recent Past
Rachel Boissevain, Jenna Brandon, Daniel Cain, Isabel Dieppa, Fitz Doubet, Niki Fritz, Marcie Garcia, Rannell Guese, Lenora Houseworth, Patrick Johnson, Sarah Joseph, Bri LaPelusa, Tiffany Melanis, Jeremy Meyer, Zach Partin, Gina Provenzano, Rebecca "Bonks" Rothschild, Lindsey Shaw, Justin Valmassoi, Erik Widman

Contributing Artists
Yasmine Abed, Stina Henslee 


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